Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc., an international design office, has staffing needs in the areas listed below. Our work environment is relaxed and informal; the commitment to architecture is passionate and pervasive. Our benefits and salaries are competitive.

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Julie Lang
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Cuningham Group strives for this level of teaming by aligning the skills, talents and energies of a diverse group of people to bring about a project that surpasses the expectations of the client and the ideas of any single individual involved in the process. This team approach creates an energizing and empowering work culture where dynamic, self-motivated individuals thrive.

The team approach leads to several office practices that support the success of these ideals:

  • Ideas measured against what’s good for the client and project – not who authored them
  • Empowering staff to make decisions at the client point of contact
  • Responsibility that is based on ability, not years of service
  • Accelerating individual’s impact and contributions at every level, from design through delivery
  • Regularly sharing organizational and project ideology and goals to ensure alignment with individual skills and goals
  • Developing self-directed learning plans for each employee
  • Providing a mentoring program for individuals at all levels of the organization

These, along with many other systems and cultural norms, allow Cuningham Group to support unique and focused individual growth within a fluctuating and dynamic team environment.

Cuningham Group is an equal opportunity employer.