Epic Systems Corporation

Epic Systems Corporation
June 1996

For more than 20 years, Cuningham Group has been pushing the limits of design ingenuity at the headquarters of Epic Systems, transforming what a corporate campus should look like. The company, founded by Judy Faulkner, has grown from three employees to nearly 10,000 and is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies.

Since 2002, Epic’s headquarters have been located on former farmland in Verona, Wisconsin. As the company was trying to manage its growth, it was also looking for creative ways to attract bright talent to Verona, realizing it must compete with Facebook, Google and other leading technology companies located in larger markets. It challenged Cuningham Group to design a campus that was unlike any other.

“Judy realized that in order to recruit the brightest young talent and wow Epic customers when they visited, she needed to provide the ultimate guest experience,” says John Cuningham.

Today, Epic features five campuses. Each one is distinctively unique and the design has dramatically evolved from the initial Prairie-style inspired architecture on the first campus to the Story Book-inspired fifth campus.

Over the past 20 years, Epic has continually challenged Cuningham Group to push the parameters of conventional design. “They’ve really pushed us creatively,” says Principal Chad Clow. “It’s fascinating to think that we’ve shaped the culture of the company through the architecture.”