Epic Campus


Our long-standing core values have guided the growth of the firm since it was founded:

DESIGN: The power of design is the foundation of the value we deliver to our clients, and we commit to the realization of each project’s design potential.

SPIRIT: Our work will be designed with a spirit which embodies and fosters the values and ideals of our clients.

RELATIONSHIPS: All of our relationships should be open, forthright, and respectful, not merely transactions.

PEOPLE: Our people are our greatest resource, and we are committed to having the best, most diverse staff and the tools to support them.

BALANCE: Opportunities in this organization should offer all personal and professional growth, joy, and an opportunity to make the world a better place.

ORGANIZATION: We will build a flexible organization which evolves and endures on the diverse strengths and entrepreneurial activity of all.

PROFITABILITY: Profitability fuels the growth and development of the organization and helps to secure the future of all.

SUSTAINABILITY: We are stewards of the environment, and have a responsibility to design in a way that respects all living things.