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Guilin Illustrative Masterplan without LegendThe Heaven on Earth Cultural Theme Park contains five zones, each with its own unique tale about the remarkable culture and natural beauty of the Guangxi region. The zones include concentrated areas in ethnic culture and crafts, minority tales and legends, ancient cultural symbols, natural water based-scenery showcasing the livelihood between “Heaven and Earth,” and, finally, traditional music and festivals.

During their visit, guests will enjoy learning about the local people, hearing their songs, being thrilled by their tales of ancient peoples, and understanding how these experiences shapes parts of the Guangxi they see today. Additionally, guests will experience a microcosm of the area’s natural beauty, characterized by cooling waterfalls, lazy river rides, and soaring mountain views. In the midst of the park, stone animals come to life, thrilling adventure rides bring adventurers back to the ancient days of Zengpi, and a fantasy bridge reawakens one’s belief in magic. There are local crafts for purchase, songs to sing, and traditional food and drink to enjoy and share.