Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China

Lake of Wisdom Eye at Knowledge City


Hotel, Retail Dining Experience, Museum

This comprehensive plan for the center of the initial phase of Knowledge City integrates The Lake of Wisdom Eye with the 125,000-square-meter Town Center, creating a unified experience of natural beauty and dynamic commercial and cultural activities. It is a totally pedestrian environment where people can play, shop, work, and dine in a safe and enjoyable manner.

The plan is grouped into four zones. At the east is the Town Center. Several office buildings rise above an urban shopping center whose glass galleria leads from the subway to the water taxis in the lagoon and connects to the Lake of Wisdom Eye. The Landmark Tower with a 5-star hotel above first class offices soars to identify the center of this first phase of Knowledge City.

The Lake of Wisdom Eye is ringed with retail, dining, entertainment, and recreation uses. The exclusive Ling Nan style Hotel and Spa adjoins extensive Public Gardens along the south edge of the Lake.

The Bar and Restaurant district forms the north shore of the Lake where free-form pavilions enjoy park and waterfront settings. At the west, the tiered retail, dining, and entertainment building is built into the hillside and terraces down to the lake. At the top of the hill is the Science and Ecology Museum with a soaring observation tower, the iconic Crystal Eye of Wisdom brings visitors high above the lake to capture visions of the entire Knowledge City.