Woodland Hills, California

Louisville High School Master Plan

West Coast USA
Louisville High School
Project Size
17 Acres

Master Plan, Education Campus

The master plan for Louisville High School offers concrete design solutions for the campus’ evolution. The vision is focused on viewing the campus as a sustainable oasis and learning hub where nature, color, and interactive learning spaces flourish; while, providing state-of-the-art facilities that nourish artistic, theatrical, academic, athletic, and spiritual needs.

To this end, additional structures and spaces were created for cars and people. Parking was moved to the outer edges of the campus, while people take precedent at the heart of campus. The beauty of campus has resonated with generations of women, and so the design team aimed to keep this natural beauty intact and integrate it more fully into the campus. This inspired the removal of a portion of one building, and the addition or replacement of others. At the locations where these interventions occurred, nature seeps seamlessly into the campus. It also introduces and highlights a view up the ravine at the end of the Senior Lawn, to view the school’s new amphitheater.