Moline @ Stapleton Apartments

Denver, Colorado

Moline @ Stapleton Apartments

Mountain USA
Northeast Denver Housing Center
Project Size
164,000 Square Feet
In Construction

New Construction, Affordable Housing
Moline @ Stapleton Apartments is a vibrant healthy-living environment located in the Bluff Lake Neighborhood of the Stapleton Development in Denver. The 180-unit project promotes healthy living with close proximity to parks, trails, and a nature center.

The building aims to address the isolation of affordable housing and foster connectivity with the neighborhood in massing and scale, along with pedestrian walkways.

The building and landscape come together to create three distinct environments for the community focused on the ideas of rest, grow and play. Rest promotes rejuvenation and relaxation by connecting the fitness and yoga studio with an outdoor zen space. Grow has a focus on bringing people together around a community kitchen, lounge, outdoor grill and fire pit area. Play provides an interactive landscape with playground structures to encourage use by all ages.

Moline @ Stapleton Apartments
Moline @ Stapleton Apartments