Zhuhai, People's Republic of China

Mystic Springs Theme Park

Zhuhai Southern Film & Television Culture Industry Company Limited
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Theme Park, Retail, Dining

Mystic Springs contains three distinct theme parks, extensive retail and lifestyle options for shopping, and a truly unique restaurant dining experience. Among them, the Zhuhai Movie Park is built to reflect the magic of movie making set against a global experience, featuring key landmarks from around the world. A magical elevator ride through the Big Apple might include stops at Rockefeller Center and the New York Stock Exchange, before the ride jolts upward to provide a panoramic view of NYC. Speed a racecar through Italy as part of the Grand Tour, or face the perilous lions and tigers as you discover and explore ancient temples embedded deep in the jungle. At Mystic Springs Resort, the entire world is truly at your feet.

Mystic Springs
Mystic Springs
Mystic Springs