Uijongbu City, Republic of Korea

Uijongbu Urban Destination

UD JaHyung, Inc.
Project Size
147 Acres
On the Boards

Retail Dining Experience, Hotel

The experience of Uijongbu is energized by Korean contemporary culture enlightened by Rhythm River. The Rhythm River, which weaves and flows throughout this urban destination, is a ceremonial journey highlighting the majesty and interconnectedness of natural beauty along an amazing path that brings the overall development together. The river winds its way through event venues, shopping, and dining experiences defined by dynamic architecture and design.



Guests are engaged on many levels, from shopping to entertainment, interactive instruction to cultural enlightenment, the business of recording and media, to the spontaneity of a street performance. Guests are enticed by street food and welcomed to exquisite dining; fascinated by kiosk crafts and seduced by high fashion boutiques. Guests are led through the canyons of rhythmic architecture, a journey of delight and discovery of music, visual excitement, and invention.