Washoe New High School Exterior

Reno, Nevada

Washoe New High School

Mountain USA
Washoe County School District
Project Size
280,000 Square Feet
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New High School
Washoe County School District is working with Cuningham Group and H+K Architects to develop a model high school that will connect learners in a safe, collaborative, agile, and technology-rich environment designed to support the unimaginable future.  It is the first of three new high schools being planned for the District.

Scheduled for completion in the fall of 2022, this new facility will provide capacity for 2,400 students. Collaborative and informal learning spaces will support a holistic commitment to NEXT Century learning. Additionally, a framework will be developed that can be easily transferred to future high school sites, while still providing equity with existing high schools in the District.

All facilities will be 100-year facilities that are designed for continued growth and adaptation. These facilities will feature mobile, student-centered technologies and furniture that supports NEXT Century skill sets creatively and cost effectively.

Washoe New High School Exterior
Washoe New High School Exterior