Design Process

At Cuningham Group, we believe that creativity and innovation are central to our mission, and are best served through a collaborative, inclusive process that engages each and every key stakeholder. In other words, our team leverages a model emphasizing collective rather than individual brilliance for unparalleled place making. We have a deep conviction that the places we design tell our client’s story and celebrate the experience, both environmentally and architecturally. To succeed in this approach, we depend on the power of listening and asking the right questions to reveal the inherent story of each client, in line with their vision and objectives. We know that the built environment can be created in harmony with natural systems, and, in our eyes, beauty is integral to sustainable design. We understand the power of new technology to share useful information, and in the wisdom of collective experience. The design process at Cuningham Group is holistic in approach and skillfully embraces all available information and participants to create truly original projects for our clients.