We exist to Uplift the Human Experience. It is what gets us up every day and is our reason for being. This simple and eloquent statement embodies our passion for design and its impact on our clients, communities, and the world.

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Master Planning

At Cuningham Group, we designate one Master Planner to each major project we work on. Master Planners are highly experienced professionals assigned to help guide decision-making with consideration of comprehensive design, budgetary and staffing objectives and constraints. Whether assigned to a single building or a larger campus or neighborhood, Master Planners influence the design of a project from conception through construction. Additional responsibilities include working with clients to evaluate site access, existing built and natural conditions, opportunities for expansion, and/or unforeseen site limitations, to effectively and expediently affect all aspects of the design process.

Concept Design

During concept design, we skillfully solicit the goals and objectives of our client, and begin the creative process of illustrating their vision. Concept design is at the heart of what we do as architects and designers, and is ultimately aimed at resourcefully and collaboratively uncovering the essence of a design. Using a storytelling approach, we work with clients to ‘paint’ the experience of a given space and use the resulting concept as a guide for the remaining phases of design.


We provide a team-based approach to architecture that sustains design excellence by subscribing to a holistically collaborative process. By applying a diverse set of creative talents, we channel the energy and imagination of clients, staff, and other team members to create architecture that is meaningful. Our approach best serves clients who seek architectural design that makes optimum use of resources, and who seek a design process that respects, articulates, and fulfills their values and goals.

Interior Design

One of a kind design requires foresight and intuition to capture the distinctive spirit of each space. Using those skills coupled with specific market expertise, our interior designers provide thoughtful solutions that meet the needs of the client’s program and aesthetic desires. Our approach pursues the effective use of space, user well-being, and functionality while applying a strong understanding of the trends and quality that lead to comprehensive and complementary interior environments.


For us, a design program begins with hosting candid discussions with key stakeholders who can best answer questions of space, style and functionality. We assemble a detailed list of the desired spaces, attributes and quantities, including the relationships that each space has with one another. The resulting program document provides clients with an effective tool for communicating their unique needs with everyone associated with the building process.

Urban Design

We provide a range of urban design and planning services for both private and public sector clients. The goal of our work is to increase investor confidence in a given area by improving the public realm, access and connectivity. Our design solutions are both strategic and physical, and emerge from the underlying patterns and traditions of a place.


Environmental graphics and branding complete the cohesive design aesthetic between a building design and its overall marketing image. By offering these services in-house alongside our architectural and interior design teams, Cuningham Group is able to weave art and design throughout each project, implementing creative strategies that communicate, inspire, and elevate the value of our clients’ places and spaces in their local community and beyond.

Landscape Architecture

Our goal is to create engaging, healthy, and sustainable outdoor spaces that respect the natural world, while enhancing the quality of life for clients and spectators. We proudly offer the distinction of having experience in landscape architecture, urbanism, and the realm of public policy, which uniquely enables our team to effectively and sustainably create community and connections, and foster beauty across a variety of project types.


We are stewards of the environment, and have a responsibility to design in a way that respects all living things.

Top Stories

Pathways Innovation Center Students Build Cabin in School’s Fabrication Hall

Pathways Innovation Center Students Build Cabin in School’s Fabrication Hall

Students in the Architecture, Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering Academy at Pathways Innovation Center have built a two-bedroom cabin in the school’s fabrication hall with help from the Wyoming Department of Education’s CTE Demonstration Project Grant, Casper College architecture students, and community partners. Read more here.    Pathways Innovation Center Pathways Innovation Center is open to..
Aspen Community School Awarded LEED®-Gold Certification

Aspen Community School Awarded LEED®-Gold Certification

Aspen Community School, located in Woody Creek, Colorado, has been awarded LEED®-Gold Certification by the USGBC. The K-8 public charter school, operated by Compass of Lifelong Discovery, was designed by Cuningham Group in collaboration with Studio B Architecture + Interiors. We were commissioned to design a school that would reinforce its connection and deep respect..
“Amazing Spaces, Places and Escapes: Re-imagining Tree Houses” Summer Exhibit is Open!

“Amazing Spaces, Places and Escapes: Re-imagining Tree Houses” Summer Exhibit is Open!

Architecture + Landscape Architecture Collaboration A tree house project designed by a Cuningham Group team was one of 12 creative, multi-dimensional structures made by designers, artists, architects, builders and hobbyists selected for the Reimagining Tree Houses exhibit currently on display at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The tree house, Oculus, was designed by Amy Cheever, Tyler Whitehead, Michael..